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1. SS20 Viper Spoon, Bucktail, Silver
2. SS20 Viper Spoon, Beaded, Silver
3. SS20 Viper Spoon, Beaded, Gold
4. SS20 Viper Spoons, Bucktail, All 4 Colors
5. SS20 Viper Spoons, Beaded, All 4 Colors

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Thundermist Lure Company Secure Store | SS Viper Spoons | SS20 Viper Spoon, Bucktail, Gold

SS20 Viper Spoon, Bucktail, Gold
SS20 Viper Spoon, Bucktail, Gold 

SS20 Viper Spoon, Bucktail, Gold

The SS Viper Spoon produces the perfect combination of flash, flutter, action and bait. With enticing action, and the scent of your artificial or natural trailing bait, the SS Viper Spoon will catch even the most reluctant fish.

Fish with confidence. The SS Viper Spoon is simply, a highly productive fish-catching lure which triggers the predatory instincts of virtually all species of fish.

Add your own live bait, cut-bait, or artificial baits and make the SS Viper Spoon the ultimate Saltwater and Freshwater fish-catching lure!

SS Viper Spoon

  • Quality counts: Heavy Duty stainless steel harness, and 2 super sharp/strong, big game hooks
  • Great for all Saltwater fish - from Flounder to Stripers to Billfish and everything in between, the SS Viper Spoon takes your ordinary bait to a new level of irresistible fish-attracting action. The result is out-fishing other lures and even live bait.
  • Great for all Fresh Water game fish.
  • Highly reflective 24 karat gold or nickel plating and other great fish catching colors.
  • Available in 2 models (Beaded or Buck tail), 4 colors and 2 sizes, the versatile SS Viper Spoon is extremely effective in catching an abundance of saltwater and freshwater fish – it's truly a fish magnet.
  • The SS Viper Spoon’s patented design makes it the ultimate fishing lure – it's the key to great fishing success.

SKU SS20-H-650
Hook Size: 3/0 & 5/0
Spoon Length: 3 3/4 in | 9.5 cm
Overall Length: 10 1/4 in | 26 cm
SS Viper Weight: 0.40 oz
Price: USD$14.99


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