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1. 1/2oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse
2. 1oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse
3. 1oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Glow White
4. 3/8oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse
5. 1/2oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Glow White

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Thundermist Lure Company Secure Store | Flexi-Jigs | 3/8oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse

3/8oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse
3/8oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse 

3/8oz Flexi-Jig 2-Pack, Chartreuse

Flexi Jig Flexing

Upon setting the hook, the jig head is able to pivot up to 90 degrees, ultimately allowing the hook shank and the anglerís fishing line to become in-line with each other. This results in a solid, direct, high-performance hook-set!

  • Strong, wide gap, sharp hooks
  • Great for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Black nickel hook
  • When setting the hook, the Flexi-Jig head and hook pivot up to 90 degrees, allowing for a high performance hook set
  • The hook will automatically spring back into position, ready for the next hook set
  • Each package contains 2 Flexi Jigs!
  • 2 x 3/8 ounce jigs

Flexi Jig Packs

The Flexi-Jig is used in the same manner as any common jig, but the big difference occurs on the hook-set. The Flexi-Jig allows you to get a better hook-set, directly into the fish's mouth due to the changing of the hook angle when setting the hook Ė itís brilliant!


Price: USD$5.99


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