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Thundermist Lure Company Secure Store | Python Darter | Silver | 3/4 oz Python Darter, Silver

3/4 oz Python Darter, Silver
3/4 oz Python Darter, Silver 

3/4 oz Python Darter, Silver

Python Darter Thundermist Lure Company

As a cousin of the Viper Spoon, the Python Darter is an extra durable casting spoon designed to be fished with artificial soft plastics or natural bait, such as a strip cut bait or a plastic worm.

With every cast, your added bait to the Python Darter will come alive with enticing swimming action that will produce aggressive strikes from fish.

Flash-N-Flutter spoon creates an enticing action for your trailing bait. Attracting beads and bucktail hair on a solid stainless steel shaft and a super-strong and sharp Mustad (r) O'Shaughnessy hook, brings your natural or artificial baits to life!

Whether you like to fish your favorite lake or off of the surf, the Python Darter is versatile for both freshwater and saltwater game fish.

Hook Size: 4/0
Weight: 3/4 oz
Price: USD$8.99


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