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1. 55lb T-Turn 3-Way Swivel (Medium)
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Thundermist Lure Company Secure Store | Terminal Tackle | T-Turn 3-Way Swivels | 55lb T-Turn 3-Way Swivel (Medium)

55lb T-Turn 3-Way Swivel (Medium)
55lb T-Turn 3-Way Swivel (Medium) 

55lb T-Turn 3-Way Swivel (Medium)

At 55 lb. capacity, the T-Turn contains 3 high quality, smooth performing, rolling swivels, which minimize line twist and maximize action.

Recommended for medium line applications, up to 20 lb test.

A premium black nickel finish is camouflaged and great in both fresh water and salt water.

Whether casting, drifting or trolling fishing form a boat or from shore the T-Turn keeps your line tangle free, even in varying strong currents which keeps your 3-way connection neat and "perfect" every time!

Each package contains 3, 55lb test (Medium) T-Turn swivels.
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SKU PS-T3-55
Price: USD$2.99


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